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Viatek Hybrid Mini Crank Lantern
« on: November 20, 2015, 01:55:34 PM »
Viatek Hybrid Mini Crank Lantern The Viatek Hybrid Mini Crank Lantern offers a durable, reliable and convenient light source for outdoor activities, power outages and other poor-visibility events. This Crank LED lantern comes equipped with four super bright LED lights to provide potent and wide-reaching illumination and features a Dynamo crank to quickly and easily recharge the internal battery whenever necessary, with no outside electricity required. The Crank Light Lantern also features a sturdy metal handle for easy carrying or hanging when needed and 10 days of battery life, making it excellent for long term outings. Its powerful crank allows up to a full two hours of light to be charged with only one minute of cranking, making it highly energy and labor efficient. Each Viatek Hybrid Mini Crank Lantern stands at 8" tall and includes four rechargeable AA batteries.

I have these three, in 3 of my rooms, 2 bed rooms and Kitchen!
batteries and ac/dc charger not included, but only 21 dollars at walmart

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