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Juicing & Blending For Health
« on: December 16, 2016, 06:05:26 PM »
Juicing & Blending For Health

Learn how adding in juices and smoothies into your diet can drastically change your life for the better!
Juicing and Blending for health.
We have all heard how fiber is great for digestion but did you know there are different types of fiber?
Insoluble fiber- this is bran and psillium to name a few.  It acts like a "roto-rooter" for the digestive tract and helps aid in the passage of food through the system.

Soluble fiber- a much less talked about fiber, it is found in fruits and vegetables.  The Western diet is sadly lacking in this type of fiber which has caused Americans to have problems such as "hardening of the arteries".  The soluble fiber does the same thing insoluble fiber does...except in the arteries! 
It is critical to have both types of fiber for optimal health.

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