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Prepare for Snack Cravings
« on: October 12, 2015, 01:30:28 PM »
Prepare for Snack Cravings.

This is my favorite subject, be cause most people are on the go and this have little time to eat right!
If at all possible Have, dry fruit and nuts and cereal, with you or near by to munch.
That Bagel and cream cheese is very tempting or the smell of fresh cooked packed junk food, is not the way to go.

I myself Keep wheat and raisin type brand mix and unsalted nuts or lightly salted handy at my desk, in rubber/type made container/s, by my desk. And There is no disgrace in brown bagging some healthy stuff!
Not saying you should eat while working or driving, but when you get the break, to do it!

There are many fresh Veggies and fruits that can be carried with you, but some may be too large. When there is will, there will be a way!

More things to come !

The so called Coffee at 5.00 per cut times 30 days = 150 bucks [hard to fine Coffee now days] most let their taste take over what the body needs :(
10.00 a day for lunch times 30 days = 300 bucks

I know you may not work 30 days in month, but the price I mentioned here is a low amount for most!


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